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A Brief Introduction About Cloud Services

It appears that in 2011, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the Cloud. It's the latest trending innovation in IT and the majority of major companies have been quick to get on board with this trend. 

A majority of the top IT companies are now offering cloud services. cloud services option, However, how many of us are aware and appreciate the reasoning going on behind all the buzz?

At the simplest level, it is the Cloud is a group of computer systems that appear to be one unit to you, regardless of location. A majority of the top Cloud computing services provide unhindered access to a computing platform that utilizes multiple data centers. 

The client typically is charged for the services it requires, typically in terms of memory or processor consumption. Virtual machines run applications that are not tied to the physical host server which means they can easily move to another hardware or an additional data center in case there is a problem.

Cloud services allow customers to increase or decrease the use of their computers and thus costs according to demands. A lot of businesses, especially in the retail industry, require more computing power at specific seasons. 

Cloud services typically originate from more than one data center in case one of them fails completely, your application and data are still available.

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