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All About Sign Language Services

Sign language is a natural language that has the same linguistic characteristics as spoken language. They have developed in different Deaf communities over the years and vary widely in different countries and regions. There is no universal sign language in the world, in some countries, there is more than one sign language or dialect.

In sign language interpreting services, professional people who speak two or more languages (sign) and translate between source and target languages and mediate in different cultures. The translator's job is to enable communication neutrally and ensure equal access to information and participation.

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Sign language translators can be both deaf and hard of hearing, but must always have the appropriate qualifications as interpreters in their respective countries. Sign language translators are bound by a code of ethics, which ensures impartiality, confidentiality, language, and technical competence as well as professional growth and development.

When ordering a sign language interpreter, sign language users should be asked about their language and translation preferences, especially for high-level meetings. Organizers are responsible for ensuring participation in public events through verbal services.

Offering this type of service encourages the deaf to be present and engaged, and provides the same access and opportunities available to the listening audience.

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