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Amazing Versatility Of White Wine

Every wine drinker has a preference for which wines they like. Some prefer deep reds or creamy whites or sweet pinks. The fermentation process results in different kinds of white, red, or pink vino. White grapes are green or greenish-yellow, golden yellow or pinkish yellow in hue. Red grapes are dark red or bluish purple in hue. 

The white grapes can be used to create white wine, while they are also used in the production of white wine. However, there are times like in the production of certain champagnes) where red grapes are used in place of white grapes in the production of white wine. In this case, only the juice of red grapes is employed. Because the juice of red grapes is generally colorless, it won't affect the color of the wine. sparkling white wine with mint flavor is refereshing bright it's suitable for any occasion. 


What Happens to Your Body When You Drink White Wine Eat This Not That

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Based on the kind of grapes you choose to use the red or white wines will possess a distinct flavor. White wines are often fresh and refreshing, (with little or no sweetness) dry and full-bodied, or rich and creamy. White wines can be yellow or golden in appearance and could be as transparent as water. Red wines are red, purple ruby red, and garnet in hue. 

The reason red wines are believed to appear red is the length of time that the red grape juice stays in contact with the skins of the grapes during fermentation. The pink color of wine comes due to the short amount of time that the juice is in contact with the skins of the grapes. They are typically sweet, though there are dry ones.

The contact between grape skins and juice also creates a substance known as tannin. Tannin is a key ingredient in the taste of red wine and is the most significant factor in determining the distinction between the flavor of white and red wines. Red wines are often soft and fruity, sour and spicy, full-bodied and bold, or medium and smooth.

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