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An Introduction To Wine Careers

If wine is your passion and you dream of working in the wine industry, there are some great opportunities to test the waters and gain experience. This is a guide to nine key roles in the wine world, and the ins and outs to consider before taking the plunge. You can learn more about wine tasting by joining online wset wine courses.

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Wine importer

Importing wine is easy. They discover, select, and ship wines produced in a region or state and administer customs, federal registration, local, state, and federal taxes, and regulatory compliance for the sale of that wine in a given region.

Most importers supply wines that are not available or sold in certain regions. Some controlling states allow only one supplier of a product in a given area (Nevada, Georgia, Virginia, etc.) to provide a safe way of selling that product under certain conditions. This type of country is referred to as a "franchise country".


The retailer acts as the primary intermediary in the process that connects the product to the buyer. You will be in charge of guiding sales associates (some of whom may be independent contractors working as brokers) presenting products and providing training to potential customers.

wine brokers and sales representatives

the wine business as a sales broker because in most states you usually don't need a license or any capital to get started. Wine brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and earn commissions. Most wine brokers work as independent wholesalers.

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