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Assault Defense Lawyer in Denver

This professional represents a person who has been charged with assault, which may be a felony or misdemeanor assault. They also represent the customers to whom the battery is charged. The combination of Assault and battery cases will often result in a penalty for jail time. The job of an assault defense attorney is to keep their client out of jail or to reduce the time they are given if convicted.

What is an attack?

The battery is physical contact with another person to cause him harm. Sometimes if a person does battery then they are charged with assault. They can be charged with assault even if there is no physical contact. It is not necessary to be classified as an assault using a lethal weapon. If they use a deadly weapon it can be classified as a felony.

What does an assault defense lawyer do?

When assault defense attorneys are defending their clients, it is their job to show evidence that their clients did not intend to cause harm. If the lawyer can prove that the physical contact may not have been intentional but incidental they may be able to successfully defend their client.

While handling assault cases they seek to uncover facts to prove the innocence of the client. This is why many assault defense attorneys often insist that an accused contact any investigators or police before they speak.

Common attack case type

Self-defense is one in which a person is accused of assault when he has attempted to defend himself from an attack. The assault defense attorney's job is to show that his client feared imminent bodily harm. An example is if a burglar breaks into a house during the night and the owner of the house hits the thief with a baseball bat.


Like any branch of law, assault defense attorneys must have a bachelor's degree and pass a bar exam to obtain their license to practice law. They can open their own business or work for a law firm.

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