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Diversity Unconscious Bias And Management

The diversity and inclusion consultation process needs to address some key issues in order to have the full support of the management team needed to implement the above diversity approach which has become a core business in engaging in current corporate business concerns.

At this point, it may be useful to look at the diversity & inclusion human resource counselor we see in organizations that are not fully open to promoting diversity and inclusion practices in their teams.

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The management team consists of those who are usually narrow in size in terms of the various dimensions of diversity. Some of the sizes mentioned are:

  • Social class

  • Ethnic origin

  • Skin color

  • Apartment location

  • They go to university

An unconscious tendency of those in key management positions to be hired. speak up, and appear to "fit" into the company culture.

As business progresses, we see that decisions are made by such people with unconscious bias and don't even leave their thought processes to be questioned.

In the end, some employees and management continued to grow and were happy with the results of the organization. but it was the company itself that lost money. 

The results that can be seen in organizations if more diverse thinking is allowed especially in the decision-making process, resulting in more employees.

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