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Everything You Need To Know About Leaf Fig Care

The Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata), a beautiful plant that is native to central and western Africa's rainforests, has large dark green leaves. It is a great contrast to neutral walls and furniture indoors. 

You can easily buy fiddle leaf fig tree from many sites. This is why this plant has graced the covers of many magazines around the globe for the last few years.

fiddle leaf fig tree

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Light: Fiddle leaf fig prefers bright consistent sunlight. It can be placed in a warm spot beside a sunny window. Also, eastern exposure works well. It thrives in full sun, and may receive around 6 hours of sunlight per day like other tropical plants.

Indoors and outdoors

Fiddle Leaf Fig can be used to maintain the rainforest's warm and humid climate. It can dry out its leaves if it is exposed to cold drafts through doors, windows and other cooling devices like air conditioners. To avoid these conditions, you can use a humidifier.

Repotting: The figs are great rooters

It can easily become root-bound. This means that there isn’t enough room for roots to grow deeper in a pot. This can reduce the plant's ability to grow and may even lead to root rot. Repotting is recommended when the roots are 1cm thicker or more visible from the bottom of the pot.

You can report it once a year. Repotting Fiddle Leaf Figs in late Winter is a great time. Be gentle when repotting and don't damage the main roots.

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