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How Are Leaks In Packages Detected?

The package leak test equipment is used to verify the integrity of pharmaceutical and food packaging. Seal integrity testing is an essential part of any production process in the pharmaceutical and food industries. 

Best package leak detector & seal integrity test equipment ensures that the contents are protected from environmental or foreign substances that could deteriorate or accelerate decomposition.

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These innovative packaging leak testing equipment is nondestructive and can be returned to the production line. They can easily detect leaks in various package materials.

The vacuum degradation principle is used to detect leaks in non-porous, rigid, and flexible packaging. It is generally accepted for leak testing.

Almost all types of packaging can be tested for leakage using package leak detection devices as long as there is no gas or air in the headspace. Because moisture can mask leaks and cause them to return unreliable or incorrect readings, it is important that the contents are dried.

These tests are quick and easy to perform. The test can be initiated by placing the item into the chamber, which is then vacuumed to a predetermined level.

The chamber is then sealed to prevent any leakage from allowing the chamber pressure to return to atmospheric pressure. This process measures vacuum pressure and creates a pressure profile, as shown below.

Large leaks can be identified by the time it takes to reach the preset pressure. The rate at which the vacuum drops to atmospheric pressure after insulation of the chamber can be used to identify small or fine leaks.

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