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Medical Micro Needling With Derma Rollers

Microneedling devices are revolutionary devices that can stimulate collagen in the skin. The micro-needling device has given us a different option than microdermabrasion or lasers to lessen acne scars.

Acne scars usually are an adolescent's result of acne that has left many lines and marks around the facial area. They can cause severe mental and psychological distress for patients. Radiofrequency micro-needling machines provide a secure solution for scarring from acne.

 Microneedling Smooths Your Wrinkles

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The patient is first consulted about the procedure. After that, the local anesthetic creams will be put on as a thick layer across the face. The patient is then asked to rest for one hour for the full effect of the anesthetic to occur.

After one hour, the patient is positioned on the table for surgery. Consent is taken. Then, the anesthetic solution is cleaned off with sterilized cotton. The face is sterilized using povidone Iodine solution. Absolute sterility is the most important thing during this process.

The dermatologist then uses a sterile micro-needling device that's length is varying from 1mm up to 2 millimeters. He then rolls the device in four directions over the face. It is important to avoid being too rough because too much rolling can cause changes in the pigment of the face.

After the rolling, an ice pack will be applied over the face, then washed off. After the procedure, Bactroban cream will be applied for five days. It is recommended to use sunscreen after the micro-needling devices.

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