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The Right Amount Of Fish Tank Decorations

The purpose of decorating your aquarium with aquarium decorations is to create a beautiful theme that you can be proud of and can show off to all your friends.

However, when designing this ultimate theme, you must also consider the safety and comfort of your fish. Your theme or design should enhance the life of the fish and not overwhelm them in any way. You can also buy Neptune apexel controller for your fish tank through

If you are new to his hobby, it is not uncommon for you to be overwhelmed by the selection of aquarium accessories and their placement in the aquarium. You want to have a design that fits the image you dream of.

What Is The Effect Of Excessive Fish Decoration?

The main problem caused by the many ornaments is that it will limit the space for swimming. Fish need a place to swim. An aquarium is a small closed water tank that no longer has enough room to swim, no matter how big you are.

Once you start filling the tank with figurines and sinking ships, space becomes smaller and less comfortable. Too many decorations will also reduce the amount of water you have there.

Too little water means there isn't enough buffer to absorb contaminants and your water needs to be changed more frequently. A smaller volume of water will also make it difficult to control chemical equilibrium and temperature.

The limited space for swimming will be even worse for land fish such as bettas and cichlids. This will have them fighting aggressively for territory, and where there are winners there will always be losers who get hurt.

A large tank can have more depending on the size of the tank. As long as they were given a proper distance from each other and formed a small territorial boundary, they should be fine.

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