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TIG Welding Like A Professional

Without a doubt, TIG welding is one of the most difficult skills to master which requires a very good eye and hand coordination. You also need good balance coupled with the ability to use both hands simultaneously.

Professional TIG welders have a secret that is rarely if ever, mentioned outside the industry. This technique is called "walking the cup." "Walking the cup" solves balance problems, keeps your hand steady, and creates a very even weld seam. You can also get the best TIG welding services via

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This TIG welding technique uses a torch shell to support the welding. As soon as the cup rests on the weld seam, the operator starts the arc. The handle of the flashlight then rotates from side to side like serrations turning a bolt.

This creates a forward push that causes the cup to move forward and sideways. As soon as the metal starts to melt, the fill wire will either be dipped in or just "run".

There are many advantages to using this "walking the cup" technique for those doing TIG welding. The biggest advantage is the same model, which ensures uniform penetration into the weld. As soon as a welder learns this technique, the weld joints are always the same.

Another advantage is the arc length control. Arc length is a major problem in welding in general. Most of the welding defects caused by incorrect TIG welding techniques are related to arc length. Once you have mastered "walking the cup," the length of your rainbow should be very short and constant at all times.

This helps avoid undercutting and provides a flat profile weld. Maintaining a short arc also gives you cooler temperatures that protect the tungsten from erosion and are less likely to break the joint. Undoubtedly, you need to learn how to "walk the cup" if you want to weld TIG like a pro.

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