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Tips To Help You Through The 4 Month Sleep Regression

There are many parents who need help to make their babies sleep at times. Below are some of the tips mentioned for sleep regression:

1. Do what works.

Remember, a lot of changes for your baby, so try, at least for now, to "go with the flow." This could mean your baby naps in a swing, stroller, or car so they can sleep during the day. What worked yesterday may not work well today, so be prepared to try a few different options for 4-month sleep regression in Australia

2. Watch for signs of sleepiness in your baby and try to react quickly.

Depending on your baby, signs of sleepiness can range from subtle to high. Look for things like yawning, disinterest, eye rubbing, and increased anxiety. Remember that at this age your baby's awake is only between 1 and 2 hours, which means your baby's excitement can be more than just excitement, he can tell you that he needs to sleep.

3. Once your baby's excitement has subsided, you should set a "sleep but wake" bedtime.

This will encourage him and help him fall asleep. Stay with him and offer him physical and verbal trust. If, despite your reassuring help, he does nothing but cry for 15 minutes, pick him up and rock him, hold him, or feed him to sleep and try the next night or when you're both feeling better. 

4. Offers A LOT of added convenience and security.

During the 4-month sleep regression, you and your baby are likely to be exhausted (and rightly so!), and extra cuddles, cuddles, and comforting words are helpful. While your baby may not be able to completely calm you down, you can calmly talk to your baby, pick him up, hold him, and cuddle him to help them cope with these developmental changes.

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