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Truck Accidents Are Different Than Big Car Accidents

What many New York City traffic attorneys don't understand is that a truck accident is not the same as a serious car accident. Although a truck is a motor vehicle, there is a key difference between a truck accident and a car accident that requires a different type of litigation and a different settlement approach. You can also take help from an experienced truck accident advocate in New York.

Special laws apply to truck accidents

One of the main differences between commercial trucks and large passenger cars is the specific laws for commercial truck drivers. The Federal Road Safety Administration provides the minimum safety regulations required for trucks operating in interstate traffic. There are also specific instructions for trucking companies and drivers, including daily inspections, weight limits, working hours, severe weather measures, and more. You should hire a New York truck accident attorney who understands the specific laws and regulations that apply to commercial trucks to properly process your personal injury claim.

Truck accessories

Unlike cars, commercial vehicles are usually equipped with a GPS system that measures speed, distance and location. This information can provide evidence of speed, excessive driving time, and other facts that may be important in proving liability for the accident. An attorney unfamiliar with this information may be missing an important link to successfully process your claim. This is another reason why hiring an experienced truck accident attorney in New York is so important.

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