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What Is Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy?

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is used to increase muscle size as well as its activity. It also helps to increase blood flow. This therapy is done using EMS machines, which send electrical signals to nerves that cause contraction.

If you are also suffering from any kind of muscular injury then you can schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for neuromuscular stimulation therapy via

During this therapy, electricity stimulates both muscles and nerves. A lot of people don’t realize that electrical stimulation occurs naturally within the body. These small impulses in the nervous system are what allow muscles to contract.

During e-stim treatment, a therapist secures electrode pads to your skin. He or she then turns a dial or presses a button on an electrical estim knee.jpgmuscle stimulation device, a console that’s either plugged into the wall or battery-operated. This machine generates electric impulses that stimulate your skeletal muscles to contract. An e-stim device has various settings, meaning the contractions may be barely noticeable or they may feel, and look, like involuntary muscle twitches.

NMES consists of short bursts of electrical pulses that generate muscle contractions. Sometimes, a chiropractor uses this in conjunction with other treatments to achieve a greater therapeutic effect, while other times, they use it as the preferred stand-alone method of treating a patient.

The primary purpose of e-stim therapy is to simulate what happens in the body when you voluntarily contract and release a muscle many times in a row. This process strengthens and repairs tissue, particularly muscles which have become shortened, weakened, or atrophied due to injury or disease.

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