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Why Microbial Diversity In Gut Health Really Matters

The human digestive system is one of nature's most perfect microbial ecosystems, containing more than 1 trillion forms of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that help fight disease and infection. 

A special form of very useful bacteria is called a probiotic. A diet high in cultured or fermented foods can replenish our probiotic levels and provide the following benefits for our physical and mental health. You can also check for the best naturopath remedy for digestion via the web.

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  • Probiotics can help regulate weight and reduce weight gain as you age.

  • Probiotics can reduce the potential for the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause cancer, obesity, and several other diseases.

  • Probiotics can lower the risk of allergic reactions and reduce asthma attacks.

In addition to the very useful probiotic bacteria, millions of other microorganisms can be divided into roughly four different categories.

Each of these four categories plays a unique role in maintaining our health, and each category of microbes competes with the others in several ways. So when one microbial family declines, others tend to multiply more rapidly to compensate for this.

Some bacteria help fight the production of cancer cells. Others help prevent obesity. While others help improve mental health by fighting stress disorders and even dementia.

Probiotics are very useful in postoperative nutrition. This gives the body a chance to heal from the inflamed bruise more quickly. This is an important step that is often overlooked but for the good of the body.

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