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All about Anal Fissures Treatment and Cure

Anal fissures differ in comparison to pimples (hemorrhoids) in that they are caused by the swelling of anal cushions inside the canal of the anal (internal piles) or bulges at the site of the anus (external piles.) 

An anal fissure can be described as more often than not, a tiny tear or cut which has been caused in the skin's lining caused by the anus. They are usually associated with bleeding and pain, which is similar to the symptoms of piles. Other symptoms include extreme pain when bowel movements occur or blood that lines the stool. 

You can also consult the doctor for the treatment of Anal Fissure.

Anal fissures are treatable - San Francisco AIDS Foundation

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A few people are hesitant to go to the toilet due to the discomfort. This can result in constipation, which can lead to more anal fissures or piles. A few people do view anal fissures to be a form of the pile, and this isn't a mistake either.

There are a variety of causes for fissures in the anal lining, which are all either poor bowel habits or strain that is excessively caused by constipation or speeding up in a bowel movement. This can result in a tear of the lining of the stomach. 

Anal fissures can be classified into two types namely chronic or acute. Anal fissures that are acute result from altered routines of the bowel (such as diarrhea or constipation) and are usually quick in healing, particularly applying creams, ointments, and making sure you have bowels that are regular and healthy. 


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