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All About Elearning Solutions

Both educational institutions and corporate training experts have both been working to create a working combination of shortened learning time and maximized learning strategies and approaches, commonly coined as the "learning compression" phenomenon.

This is mainly to achieve a maximum of knowledge and skills learned within a shorter time span than what would normally be allotted for such a learning module.

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eLearning Activities to Achieve Learning Objectives

In a school environment, this is mostly designed to allow for more interaction and comparative analysis between the participants of the learning exercise. In a corporate environment, this is to maximize on the allotted training time, so that the participating members of the work force can go back to their usual operations and implement what they learned in the training exercise.

Since maximum productivity is the primary concern in most corporate environments and businesses, allowing the members of the work force to get back to their tasks the soonest time possible after the conclusion of the training program, to implement their upgraded knowledge and skills to their tasks, and there provide the much needed return on investment for the company.

While many who have not yet heard of the efficacy of the premise of learning compression may seriously doubt if the practice is at all effective, let alone humanly possible, a study of a number of European companies that have actually implemented the practice into their training programs report that they were able to condense almost 3,000 hours worth of training time into at least 700 hours.

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