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All About Investment Immigration In Australia

Individuals who want to settle in Australia and make significant monetary investments to new or existing companies and the Australian economy are eligible for "investment immigration". There are many types of immigration visas that are based on the investment. The most common is the E2 or EB5. 

It is recommended that anyone seeking to enter Australia with these visas consult a licensed and experienced immigration attorney. In this reference, you can also apply for financing immigration to Australia through the best immigration consultants.

Types of visas for immigration

o Work visas can be issued to individuals who meet the certification requirements of the Australia Labor Department and other federal agencies. They can live and work in Australia, depending on their field of employment.

The process of investment immigration

A multi-step process is required to obtain an EB5 visa for investment.

o Eligibility for a green card (lawful permanent residence) status depending on the amount of the investment.

o Approval by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services of (USCIS), a petition for an investment immigration visa.

After obtaining a visa number, an individual can apply to change their visa status to legal permanent residence. Anyone applying for US investment immigration status must complete these steps and meet the required requirements.

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