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Choose the Best Diabetic Shoes From Indiana

If you are suffering from diabetes, you are at risk of developing a diabetic foot. Uncontrolled sugar in the blood can lead to neuropathy and affect your feet over time. If you already have neuropathy, you will need to take better care of your foot to avoid further complications such as infection and amputation.

An important daily ritual to prevent injuries and complications is to examine every area of your foot. Check the top, sole, sides, heel, and especially the space between the toes.

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Shoe selection

How do you choose the perfect pair of shoes for a diabetic like you? Here are tips for finding it:

1. Choose shoes that are comfortable and fit for you. Look for shoes that have enough room for your toes to move. Don't buy tight shoes. 

2. If you wear orthopedic shoes, there are shoes for diabetics that have extra depth. Extra-depth can accommodate your specified orthotics.

3. Choose shoes made of canvas, leather, or suede. Do not wear shoes made of plastic or other non-breathable materials.

4. Choose shoes for diabetics that are waterproof so your feet don't get wet in the tide.

5. Choose shoes that can control body odor.

6. Choose shoes for diabetics that have a hard steel grip and a hard heel for support.

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