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How to Get Started With Advertising on Facebook With Messenger Bot Application?

Facebook Chatbot is changing the marketing game today. They transformed the online advertising game completely. And they wield tremendous power for whatever industry you're in. If you're in the online marketing or ecommerce business, then you need a Mobile monkey, the most cutting-edge chatbot builder on the web.

It's simple and very effective. Mobile Monkey is a Facebook Messenger Bot that has a neat, clean interface and is absolutely free. Unlike many other bot applications, it actually gives users the capability of creating direct messages, forwarding messages, and commenting on messages, all in real-time. And, best of all, Mobile Monkey can be integrated with all of your existing social media websites. It's basically the Facebook version of Twitter for businesses. The difference is that, instead of sending out a bunch of random "I'm super-duper" text messages, you can use a custom-built chat bot to deliver a personalized message that's both compelling and informative.

Now, I must stress that this is not a plug-and-play tool. Mobile Monkey requires you to have a Facebook account to use the Facebook Chatbot, and you'll need to be able to see a photo image of the person you're trying to contact via Messenger. There are a lot of chat bots that require you to have some sort of internet connection (always a good idea), but this one does not. That's why I love it because you can use it even if you're on the road.

Getting Started Once you've gotten over those hurdles, setting up your first Facebook Messenger Bot can be a relatively easy process. There are many chat programs out there, but none of them gives you the ability to start chatting immediately. This is why many chat programs are free. In fact, many chats offer a free version before you upgrade to the premium version. Once you get the premium version, getting started will be a breeze.

One of the great things about using a custom-made chatbot is that you can customize it with anything you want. Most of these bots are aimed at providing a useful service to customers, so they usually just include a lot of helpful features such as instant messaging, voice mail, posting to Facebook, etc. But I've seen some Facebook Messenger Bot users include a small "customization window" which enables you to add on features like creating your own wallpaper, avatars, and sending email to friends.

There's no doubt that in the near future, more than one-third of all users will be using conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) chat bots with Facebook Messenger. These chat bots will allow businesses to provide excellent customer support, as well as improve their overall marketing and customer service presence on Facebook. Chat bots will also enable businesses to take advantage of a new and rapidly growing market, people who don't yet have a Facebook account.

It's hard to say what the future holds for chat bots with Facebook Messenger because it's not clear whether or not conversational or automated artificial intelligence will be enough to attract customers. Many experts speculate that companies may choose to create an automated platform on Facebook for customers and allow chat bots to add to the experience for customers. Or they may choose to go the easier route and offer Facebook Messenger Bots that simply deliver instant responses to any questions or requests, while conversational customer support agents provide real-time help and assistance via a pre-written response. Either way, we'll likely see more personalized customer support from businesses as the years go on.

Will the future of marketing really be different? I think that anytime is always an exciting time to be a marketer, but I also believe that the world of business is changing so fast that it is very tough to keep up with it. I believe that Facebook has a lot to learn from Google and other search engines in terms of providing an efficient way for internet users to engage with businesses. The bottom line is that Facebook should think about adding a conversational feature to their messenger bot so that businesses can truly embrace the age of social engagement with their customers. Until then, my advice to you is to invest in Facebook messenger bot engagement rates for your businesses and watch as your brand gets noticed!

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