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Natural antibodies protect against viral infection.

Viral disease prevention is possible with the help of antibodies that are produced after infection with a virus or immunization with vaccines. Humans and other higher primates have "natural antibodies", which are found in their serum prior to viral infection.

Natural antibodies can activate classical complement pathways, resulting in the lysis of enveloped viruses particles. This happens long before adaptive immunity is activated. You can also look for Anti-Galanin Antibody Picoband online.

Galanin receptor type 1 GALR1 Antibody

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Natural antibodies have been shown to target the disaccharide Galactose (1,3)-galactose (a–Gal) (illustration), which can be found as a terminal sugar in glycosylated cells' surface proteins.

High levels of antibodies against a-Gal are found in human serum. This is because bacteria in the human gut produce this sugar. More than 2% of serum IgM antibodies and IgG antibodies are directed at a-Gal.

This antibody binds to a-Gal antigens on the membrane of enveloped viruses. It activates the conventional complement cascade, resulting in infection lysis and loss.

Anti-a-Gal antibody complement is likely the reason humans and higher primates have not been infected with enveloped viruses from other animals.

Anti-a-Gal antibodies show how the adaptive immune system works in concert with the innate complement pathway to provide immediate action before anti-viral antibodies can be developed. 

Natural antibodies are effective in preventing the spread of viruses into vital organs and improving immunogenicity through the enhancement of the trapping of antigens in secondary lymphoid organs like lymph nodes.

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