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Symbolic Gesture at Funerals and Memorials

Symbolic gestures at funerals and memorial services are sometimes used as a final farewell to a deceased loved one. This ritual helps honor the dead and lessens the pain of their loss. 

The symbolic gesture doesn't require a lot of money or time. The sense of comfort it creates makes the event a truly worthwhile memorial in Vancouver. There are many different types of symbolic gestures, so choose one that makes you feel good and that truly represents how you feel. 

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Here are some examples of things you can do to remember your loved ones:-

Release the dove – the dove represents love, peace, hope, purity and innocence. They symbolize the spirit of the deceased flying in the sky. Search online for companies that rent pigeons to families for this purpose.

Release the butterflies – Butterflies symbolize passion, freedom and beauty as they fly. Search online for companies that supply butterflies to families for this purpose.

Plant a tree or garden – This type of symbolic gesture provides an easy way for many people to contribute to a memorial service. Anyone can feel like they played a part in remembering someone's life and celebrating memories. Looking for the perfect location? Contact your local parks and recreation department to see if you are donating trees to the park.

Share transplanted seed cards – You can share cards of seeds planted at your funeral or memorial service. These paper cards have a flower seed built-in and can be personalized with a loved one's name and a special poem or message. Your guests can plant cards later and remember their loved ones when the flowers bloom.

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