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Top 4 Table Tent Design Ideas for Innovative Marketing

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That menu you saw kept on the table during your last visit to a restaurant or a café. You still remember its design and beauty. This confirms that tent cards are here to make a difference. Marketing people know how an innovative design can help deliver a lasting impression on customers. Well, that’s not the only way you can use a table tent card to boost your brand’s visibility. Here are some eye-catching design ideas to make yours stand apart.

  1. Table Flyer: Combining a flyer design with a tent card form is a creative solution in itself. You can draw attention to tantalizing dishes (or another product if you aren’t in the food industry). Use some interesting fonts and a mix of colors to complement your brand’s display.
  2. Pyramid Cards: Ancient and long-lasting is what comes to mind when one thinks of a pyramid. So, if your business has been in operation for a long and promises durability and long-term relationships with clients, this one should be on your list.
  3. Geometric Shapes: A geometric shape such as a hexagon kept on the table appears as a playful yet informative piece to the eyes. On the design front, you can go well with using only primary shades.
  4. Magical Cuts: Going beyond the basics of table tents, you can add a magical touch to your design. Go for shapes cut out to display your top-rated products or add some pop-up functionality that brings up the product otherwise displaying the required information.

This list is just the beginning and you can find numerous design ideas with commercial printers in Brisbane to add creativity to your brand’s print marketing efforts.

Types of Papers Used for Professional Brochure Printing

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Visual appeal is one of the most important aspects of brochure printing. Undoubtedly, the type of paper you are printing your brochure in is a major contributor to visual appeal, in addition to the graphic designing of the brochure. There are different types of papers that are used for the purpose of brochure printing, but you need to ask yourself certain questions before finalizing on one type of paper. You need to think about the target audience, as in who your target audience is. What kind of content are you going to place in your brochure; will it be textual or will it be more visual and graphical in nature (include images, icons, illustrations, etc.). Therefore, you need to think on those lines before finalizing any one of the following papers:

Gloss Coated Paper: Gloss coated paper works best for brochures that have a lot of images and illustrations. Such a kind of paper gives a necessary perspective to the graphics such that they come alive for the readers. Glare is the most striking feature of such papers!

Matte Coated Paper: Matte coated paper is considered the best paper when the content is a good mix of text and imagery. It gives the images the necessary depth for appeal while making it easier to read the textual content.

Uncoated Paper: Uncoated papers are considered the most environmentally friendly papers of all. They have more natural appeal than the other two papers and give satisfactory printing results.

Therefore, while sharing your printing needs with printers in Wynnum, make sure you share your preference for printing paper with them. 

Printing Services by Quality Printers in Brisbane

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Laser printing is definitely preferable when you want to print in bulk. Typically used for office purposes, they provide you with economically viable printing options suited to the needs of your business. Laser printing might cost you a little more that than inkjet printing, but given that the former is used for printing a bigger volume of documents, the higher printing price gets normalized with the passage of time. So, you might want to discuss with your printing vendor if they use laser printing or inkjet printing or which printing technology.

On the basis of the output generated, laser printing can be divided into two categories, monochrome printing, and color laser printing. As the name suggests, monochrome printing prints in just black and white, and therefore, it makes use of only black ink. In other words, it uses only a single cartridge which makes monochrome printers easy to maintain. However, it may prove to be showstoppers if the ink in the cartridge runs out or some problem develops with the cartridge itself. Such kind of printing is a good option if you want to print a large number of files in a short span of time. Your printing professional might be experts in monochrome printing producing high-quality results.

Color laser printing, on the other hand, gives you a vibrant, colored output. In case your flyers, etc. have elaborate graphics and pictures on them, colored laser printing can help those graphics appear visually appealing. There are usually four cartridges in a color laser printer with the help of which they are able to create such a visually attractive output. However, toner replacement for four cartridges can be an overhead sometimes.

In case you have any printing needs and are looking for the services of Brisbane printers, always check with them if they use laser printing, digital printing, or any other kind of printing technology.

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