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Finding the Perfect Dress Shirt For Shorter Men

Since most men's shirts are made in standard sizes, finding the perfect dress that fits and looks good is a challenge for shorter men. Due to their disproportionate share, it is very difficult to buy the right clothes for short men.

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The most common problems for men with smaller body proportions are drooping shoulders, sleeves that are too long, or shirts that are pulled back like a parachute. And most of these three problems are interrelated.

Other problems include low pockets and sagging sides. Basically, it looks like you are not wearing the shirt yourself. And this is a very embarrassing scenario for a lot of people.

And here are just a few tips to help you buy clothes that are the right size for you.

1. Look for brands that offer sportswear. For the shorter guy, it doesn't matter that you're not naturally athletic. Only clothes with an athletic cut, including shirts, will be much narrower for your body.

2. Use a shirt made of a softer fabric. This makes the shirt feel less bulky when you store it or when you wear a jacket. Since the most common problem with shorter men is the length of the dress, keeping it or hiding it behind a jacket is a great trick.

3. Some brands have smaller cuffs and collars which are called thinner details. In combination with a smaller frame, the illusion of height is created. Standard details look too bulky on short men, but not too subtle details.

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