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What You Expect from Tooth Extraction Treatment?

Before tooth extraction to be done, the patient usually undergoes a complete dental examination. Your dentist needs to know not only your medical history, but your dental history as well. It is very important to avoid health problem such as heart problems or allergies to antibiotics or anesthesia.

Toothache is one of the most painful things you can experience. Once your tooth is badly damaged, the only way he can get is tooth removal. You can consult your dentist for this procedure.

For simple, the teeth extraction

Most of us are afraid to extract our teeth and dentists are aware, they will give you a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and gums before removing your teeth. Dental sedation is also recommended for patients with dental anxiety to feel more relaxed.

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A single tooth removal can be done with the extraction clamp without fracturing. To release the tooth the dentist moves from front to back of the socket. If the tooth is difficult to loosen the instrument called "lift or" luxatar "is generally used to break down the tissues periodontal jaw to where it is attached. The tooth can be pulled with pliers once it is already loose.

For surgical tooth extraction

This procedure is usually done with the following instances.

When the teeth do not have enough left tooth structure and it is impossible for what mining tools whatsoever reach.

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