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Railroad Track Maintenance Service

Railroad tracks were important once for long-distance travel in a short time. We have both airplanes and cars that can travel quickly, but trains are still used to transport people and goods.

Railroad tracks need to be maintained just like regular roads and highways. Railroad tracks need to be strong enough to transport heavy, fast-moving vehicles while still being smooth enough for wheels to roll. You can also opt for a railroad track maintenance service through

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Rail engineers and technicians need to inspect rails regularly. Special trains equipped with sensors can sometimes roll along tracks to check for flaws. 

Train tracks can be susceptible to a variety of problems. Ballast problems are the first. Ballast is the track between the rails and ties. To keep the parallel rails straight, the ballast must also be smooth and even. 

The ballast can be damaged by weeds that grow through it. They may push gravel or other materials to one side, causing uneven rails. Rail crews will need to spray herbicide to stop weed growth. They may also have to re-tamp the ballast layers.

The rails can also be worn down by the wear and tear caused by heavy rains. The wheels of the train might lose their ability to grip rails and slide off the tracks. Derailments can occur when rails become worn.

The connection between rails and ties is crucial. Rails that are too far apart from one another can cause spaces that can suddenly derail a train, or cause it to bounce off the track. Tracks that are not attached to ties can bow, creating dangerously uneven tracks.

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