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How to Break the Thumb-Sucking Habit

If you have children, you may have experienced the thumb-sucking phase. Or maybe your child is going through this stage and you need help breaking the habit because you know that thumb sucking can damage your child's teeth.

Your child's health is always at the forefront of your mind. That's why we're here to help ease some of your worries! You can also visit this website to purchase various thumb sucking devices for your children online.

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Poor bite conditions, especially open bites and bites, are often the result of thumb sucking. When the child sucks their thumb, the thumb exerts force behind the front teeth, causing the teeth to move outward.

When the teeth are shifted outward, the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly, so the bite is not aligned (or does not close properly). This specific false occlusion is called an "open bite" because the front teeth are exposed and facing outward.

Here are some ways to help your baby stop breastfeeding his thumb!

Understand the root of the habit. In general, children suck their thumbs for safety reasons. This habit often helps children sleep or rest in peace.

Help your child understand why they are unwell. If your child chooses to stop thumb-sucking, they will stop sooner than if you tell them to stop. Carefully explain to your child why this habit can damage his teeth and speech.

Use a substance with an unpleasant taste. There's nothing like an evil substance that makes thumb sucking undesirable! Make sure the substance is not toxic and certainly will not harm your child if ingested.

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