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The Principles of Organic Farming Technique

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Organic farming is a simple technique that farmers rely heavily on to produce organic foods. This technique is simple and depends mainly on the use of natural fertilizers like manure and compost. Moreover, organic foods contain rich amounts of flavors, tastes and essentials like vitamins, minerals etc. They are possible due to the principles of organic farming techniques. These are the most popular principles.

  1. Health principle – The principle of health is defined by the condition of soil, plants, humans and the environment. Since organic foods are produced by organic farming, it allows the soil to remain in the best condition ultimately helping the condition of the soil, plants, humans and environment in the best condition.
  2. Care Principle – For the condition of the environment to remain in top condition is defined by the principle of care. Since organic farming mainly depends on natural fertilizers and less on chemicals, the soil stays stronger by maintaining its fertility. In this manner, organic foods also tend to have richer and better flavors.
  3. Fairness Principle – In order to ensure, the cycle of humans and other living organisms remains undisturbed, it is possible due to the principle of fairness. Organic farming isn’t just a technique of producing organic food. It is also the technique that improves the condition of poverty helping in achieving a better lifestyle. The condition of poverty improves due to the use of manure and compost rather than chemicals.
  4. Ecological Balance Principle – The ecological system of the natural life cycle remains in fair condition due to organic farming technique used in producing organic food.

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