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Video Switch- Simplify Video Switching In Complex Work Environments

Video switches can simultaneously route video from multiple sources to multiple displays. The name comes from the fact that these devices create a model for connectivity capabilities. Not only does it allow multiple sources to be connected to various displays, but it also allows a single source to be connected to various outputs. You can easily buy the best video switch online via

This device basically combines the functions of a video splitter and a video switch into one. Devices like LCDs, projectors, and CRT monitors can be connected to this switch. Available in a variety of video types differing in the supported signal types, they can be used as Video VGA, Cat5 Video Router, Cat5 Audio Video Switch, Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video, DVI Switch and HDMI classified.

Different models are available in different sizes from just two inputs and two outputs to 32 inputs and 16 outputs. Some units can also be cascaded to achieve larger configurations. Although not all sources are connected directly to the screen, the resulting image is still clear and sharp, as if the device was directly connected.

Depending on the version, this module supports video resolutions up to 1900 x 1200. Models with high-end video routing switches may also be available with optional stereo audio and can be stand-mounted. This easy-to-install video switch module works on the principle of integration and operation.

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