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Ways For Choosing Internet Marketing Agency

In order to effectively market your business online an internet marketing agency can be hired to help you out. These agencies specialize in the nuance of digital marketing. You need “a strategic approach to your marketing” (which is known as “een strategische aanpak van uw marketing” in Dutch).

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Traditional marketing agencies are still playing catch up in the online space. To ensure the proper digital marketing plan a specialized internet marketing agency should be the choice. To ensure your choice is right, ask these questions and expect the following answers.

How do you charge for Services?

Depending on the service provided, the best answer is almost always a flat rate. Percentage-based rates tend to favor agencies to increase ad budgets for a better pay rate. Although make sure the flat rates are not for ‘per click’ campaigns as that can drive agencies to get the best low-cost clicks.

Do you offer guarantees?

The answer you are looking for is somewhere between yes and a qualified yes. The days that agencies refuse to offer any type of guarantee should be gone. With the number of standardizations, tools, and supposed professionalism, guarantees should be included.

A guarantee could reach a certain benchmark, increase in traffic or conversions, but it should include analytics and reporting.

What services do you offer?

A full internet marketing service should cover the four pillars of online marketing including website development, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. There are a host of services within each of these.

A full-service agency is your best bet because they will understand the interdependence of each of the four pillars on the other. As a full-service agency, however, beware of their staffing levels. There should be at least one expert in each of the pillars to provide adequate coverage. A one-man band should not be an option.

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