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What Is Paper And Packaging Testing?

The test consists in determining the different properties of the paper and the different properties of the packaging. Packaging includes packaging components, packaging materials, cardboard boxes and containers, primary packaging, cut goods and related processes. 

Testing of packaging materials helps measure and improve the quality of the package contents, as well as their efficiency in resisting external forces for end use.

For each packaged product such as food, medical devices, drugs, etc., it is important that testing is carried out in accordance with regulations. That is why multiple packaging testing methods are used to obtain results.

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This testing includes the quality of the packaging design as well as retesting at specified intervals and monitoring of packaging test procedures to ensure highly secure packaging and to ensure product safety. These test methods are regularly checked and monitored by various quality management systems. 

Paper and packaging inspections are carried out to ensure product safety and quality during storage and transportation. When selling the product, the seller is responsible for ensuring that the product is not damaged during shipping.

A product can also be delivered perfectly and successfully if the packaging is of high quality. However, if the product is damaged during shipping, it means that the packaging quality is poor and has not reached its main destination and the customer has not received the product.

Pre-production packaging inspection not only helps save time and money, but also helps improve material quality and production. Different test kits are available to test different material properties. 

Some of the most common laboratory testing favored by almost all manufacturers are underwater bubble test, or package pressure test, box compression testers, edge compression testers, drop testers, and many more.

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